About All Clinical Jobs

The founders of AllClinicalJobs.com have over 70 years of experience in the healthcare industry – ranging from Home Health and Rehab Clinics to HME and Staffing Solutions. In order to survive in this industry, you need to have the ability to identify certain trends and cycles that tend to evolve when changes are made. The current budget constraints force many facilities to do more with less. Recruiting and retaining the best staff becomes even more of an important issue.

The founders of AllClinicalJobs.com understood these issues and began opening staffing agencies nationwide in 1996. Although this proved to be very successful in assisting both facilities and job seekers, the network needed to reach beyond just the local economy. AllClinicalJobs.com and Internet recruiting is the most efficient and cost effective means to expand the network. The Internet allows you to increase your target market while reducing your cost. How?

When we began our research, one thing that became blatantly obvious was the cost and time involved to post a job opportunity in the local Sunday paper that reached only a few thousand people. We asked ourselves, of the 200,000 – 700,000 readers, how many had a healthcare or health science background? How many of them actually saw your ad? How many times did your ad get placed in the “general help” section rather in the medical help section?

AllClinicalJobs.com targets professionals relevant to the health industry by position, so your job listing doesn’t get lost or misplaced. We have formed alliances with other healthcare web databases, putting you in front of more than 1 million health professionals – and the database keeps expanding. We also wanted to not only help you recruit staff, but provide a sight that is easy to navigate and will connect you to other healthcare web sites, providers, and services: resources to keep you abreast of industry news (for free).

So if you are ready to type in “O.T.R” and have Registered Occupational Therapist be the result rather than Over The Road job seekers, or would like more information, please send us an email at info@allclinicaljobs.com and an AllClinicalJobs.com representative will be more than happy to assist you.